Part 4: Profiler in comparison - Blackfire IO, Tideways, New Relic APM

Three of the most important profilers in e-commerce are Blackfire IO, Tideways and New Relic APM. The comparison clearly shows where the strengths of the individual tools lie.

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Part 3: Identifying bottlenecks - New Relic APM

New Relic APM is the most comprehensive tool we present in this blog series. The article describes how bottlenecks can be detected with New Relic APM and how online shops can be monitored efficiently.

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Part 2: Identifying bottlenecks - Tideways

Tideways is a tool for profiling, monitoring and tracking in PHP. Using examples and screenshots, the second part of the blog series explains the functions and areas of application of this profiler. [Update: 23.8.2018]

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Part 1: Identifying bottlenecks - Blackfire IO

In the first part of our blog series "Identifying bottlenecks with 3 efficient profiling tools", we present the application possibilities of Blackfire IO for online shops in detail.

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Identifying bottlenecks with 3 efficient profiling tools

In this blog series we present the three most efficient profiling tools for e-commerce: Blackfire IO, Tideways and New Relic APM.