High-performance high-traffic hosting

When the number of applications accessed increases - whether continuously or all of a sudden - the hardware used often reaches its limits quite quickly. Not so with us: We guarantee maximum performance and dynamic scalability for unlimited power.


1-Click performance check

The conversion rate of your online shop is dropping? Customers are bouncing off your pages while browsing? Maybe the performance of your online shop is not optimal anymore? With our new ShopPerformance tool, the answer to this question is just one click away.

Optimize your ShopPerformance

Maximum performance and scalability

Highest performance

We are technology nerds. What do you get out of it? Always the very latest and highest-performance technology, such as exclusively NVMe SSD hard drives. By using them, we can run our servers even more powerfully and efficiently. In addition, direct access to local hard disks also guarantees a much higher level of fail-safety.

check Double redundant 10 GBit NVMe SSD storage for fast database access and short web application execution times
check Accelerated read operations through direct RAM cache
check Optimized 10 GBit network for internal data transmission for higher performance with distributed file systems

Dynamic scalability

Sometimes seconds matter: Our dynamic scaling is performed "instantaneously" and without interrupting applications and services. Whether processors, memory or storage space - everything can be changed independently during operation.

check Optimum performance at all times - scalable even during operation
check Individual scaling makes server moves at load limits unnecessary
check Extensive statistics on the utilization of servers and services

Transparent billing

You have an appearance on "Shark Tank" and need more hardware at short notice? No problem. Scale up your hardware for a few days to cope with the increased access and then scale it down again. Of course, you only pay for the resources you actually use, which are billed on a daily basis.

check Daily billing according to consumption: You only pay for what you actually use
check Monthly terms, therefore full flexibility
check Transparent and clear billing

More performance for your shop

ShopPerformance Scan

Comprehensive online shop scan

How can you make your online shop even more performant and stable? This question is answered by our new tool ShopPerformance. Simply log in to our Application Center, select your domains and start the ShopPerformance scan with just one click.

Over 50 parameters will be checked, and your store will be put through its paces. Currently, ShopPerformance is available for all stores based on Magento 1 and 2 as well as Shopware 5 and 6.

recommendations for action

Detailed recommendations for action

After each ShopPerformance scan, you receive a clear list of all optimization parameters – sorted by relevance and importance. In addition, your report contains specific recommendations for action based on our best practices. You can implement these directly and will immediately notice an increase in performance.

If you need assistance with the implementation or have any questions about the performance of your site, you can reach our support team simply by clicking the "Contact Service" button in the report view of your scan.

Take the next step

Do you want to optimize the performance of your online store? Find out how we can support you in a personal consultation.

How does a ShopPerformance scan work?

Do you have further questions?

You can find a lot more information about ShopPerformance in our Knowledge Base.

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More than 500 satisfied customers

maxcluster is our reliable and always available hoster with similar years of Magento experience. Together, they create customized, high-performance hosting setups.

Andreas Mautz

We use maxcluster's managed hosting services not only for our customers' e-commerce projects. CMS-driven corporate websites and applications developed individually by us also benefit greatly from the high-performance setup provided by maxcluster.

Benno Weinzierl

maxcluster has convinced us with its competent, friendly and above all fast support. When discrepancies arise, they are quickly resolved and communicated transparently. At the same time, the people from Paderborn distinguish themselves through a love of detail with foresight. The performance is first-class.

Béla Yannik Hahne

Our Shopware specialists develop very sophisticated online stores, with complex requirements for design, function and performance. That's why it's especially important for us to have a reliable hosting partner for an excellent foundation. With maxcluster we have found exactly this partner and can also rely on an excellent service towards our customers.

Marc Baur

But the management interface is the best. Here I can simply start services like Solr, NginX or Varnish with a mouse click – without additional costs or installation effort. I have rarely seen such a well thought out hosting that really makes my daily work easier

Rico Neitzel