Developer Tools

Continuous monitoring of your application performance

In order to support the developers' workflows in the best possible way, we not only offer a pure web server and PHP. Rather, we provide a specific selection of tools that support and optimize routine work, deployment and analysis of the web applications hosted by us.

If you still miss a tool, we can provide it if required.

Command line tools

We provide various command line tools to improve the workflow with the shop and application systems and carry out all necessary updates for them.

Application specific command line tools


With n98-magerun we provide the versatile Magento tool from Netz98. This tool allows, among other things, to read a lot of information from the Magento instance, to manage caches, to export the database or to support the development of modules.


You have a Shopware store? For this we provide sw-cli-tools, a command line tool that supports you in installing Shopware and plugins for Shopware.


For Magento 2 users, we provide version n98-magerun2. The feature set is similar to n98-magerun and therefore a good complement to Magento's own bin/magento tool.


For WordPress users, our stack includes the wp-cli tool, which allows you to manage WordPress instances from the command line.

General command line tools


Composer is a package manager for PHP that can be used to install and update most modern PHP applications, as well as Magento 2 and Shopware.


With lessc we offer a less compiler for the command line, with which you can compile less code in CSS.


For frontend JavaScript libraries we provide Bower, a package manager.


For modern web applications, frontends and developer tools are increasingly built with NodeJS. To simplify the work with it, we provide NodeJS and NPM.


You want to automate processes directly on the cluster. With Grunt we provide a task runner for JavaScript.


The version management tool Git is pre-installed on our clusters, not only for technology enthusiasts.

Profiling Tools

Using our interface, external profilers and analysis tools can be connected with just a few clicks to monitor performance and easily identify bottlenecks.


Blackfire analyzes PHP applications to collect data about time, CPU, I/O wait, memory, network calls, HTTP and SQL requests. This data is clearly visualized in various graphs. Bottlenecks can be identified at a glance.

checkAutomatic, regular and detailed profiling of important pages through custom scenarios
checkAlerts can be configured to the scenarios
checkQuick and easy detection of bottle necks
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Tideways is a tool for profiling, monitoring and tracking in PHP. The strengths of Tideways are, for example, the targeted analysis of known runtime problems with a very clear display of the timeline.

checkThe profiling can be evaluated in the views Timeline, Summary, Calltable and Callgraph
checkError tracking to quickly localize errors
checkPerformance monitoring of the entire online shop
checkCLI analysis
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New Relic

New Relic APM is a monitoring tool that can be used to continuously monitor the performance of an online store in real time. New Relic locates bottlenecks such as long loading times and automatically sends a message to a defined person.

checkFar-reaching monitoring with alerts
checkAlerts on response time or error rates of customer requests; even when response time deteriorates.
checkStructured dashboard with good overview of load times, score, breakdown of database requests, breakdown of web calls
checkProfiling via performance tracings for slow requests
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