Reliable PIM hosting

Fast access to product and customer information is essential when using a PIM system like Akeneo. Because only if the data of the product information management is available reliably and instantaneously, such a system can show its strengths. We guarantee dynamic scalability, maximum performance and the highest reliability so that your application can always perform at its best.


Optimal settings

We know about hosting PIM systems like Akeneo.

What do you get out of it? Always optimal server configurations for the tools you need and fast availability of your product data and product information.

Whether Elasticsearch and PHP, whether NGINX or Apache - we guarantee you not only optimal settings, but also a fast setup.

And we are also happy to support you in the use of cronjobs so that you can access your product data even more effectively.

Highest availability

In order for your PIM system to work optimally, its constant availability is the be-all and end-all. We guarantee you an availability of 99.99 % on an annual average, which corresponds to a maximum downtime of only 52 minutes per year. This means that you can be sure that your employees can maintain product data at any time and that it can be retrieved continuously.

  • Monitoring of services, server resource and application availability
  • Proactive monitoring through data, performance and scaling analysis
  • Personal first-level support: Experienced system admins are available for you around the clock and immediately by phone

Maximum performance

Your employees don't want to have to wait long when processing the necessary data. Therefore, we rely on fast and 1:1 redundant enterprise software with NVMe storage and Intel XEON processors in all tariffs. Our optimized server hardware and configurations enable maximum performance in administration.

  • Double redundant 10 GBit NVMe storage for fast database access and short execution times of the PIM system
  • Accelerated read operations through direct RAM cache
  • Optimized 10 GBit network for internal data transmission for even higher performance

Take the next step

Ensure 99.99 % availability and our 24/7/365 direct support

Dynamic scalability

You have big plans and we would like to support you. As the number of products grows, we dynamically adjust the hardware resource - for you without any additional effort, because we take care of the scaling and sufficient performance.

  • Optimal performance at all times - our dynamic scaling is performed "instantaneously" and without interruption of the application and services
  • Individual scaling makes server moves at load limits unnecessary
  • Extensive statistics about the utilization of the servers and services

Hosting in Germany

The security of your data is our focus. Optimal DDoS protection, an firewall and DSGVO compliance are a matter of course for us. And our backup solution ensures that no data is lost even in an emergency.

  • TüV certified Tier III+ data center in Frankfurt am Main (ISO 27001, PCI DSS and ISAE 3402 certification)
  • DDoS protection up to 1,000 Gbit/s network bandwidth
  • Backups are performed automatically every day for a period of fourteen days

Transparent billing

We are convinced to offer you the best PIM hosting. That's why we decided against long contract periods and for the greatest possible flexibility. The costs for your hardware are calculated daily, so you are protected from billing surprises.

  • Daily billing: only pay for what you actually book
  • Monthly terms, therefore full flexibility
  • Transparent and clear invoicing

More than 500 satisfied customers


As an e-commerce manufactory, we are committed to the quality and operational stability of our customers' e-commerce platformers. The colleagues from maxcluster are of outstanding importance in the implementation of this claim. We find the cooperation, be it in consulting on detailed questions or in planning complex web clusters, to be extremely collegial and professionally valuable. Even in emergencies, we have the deepest trust in our colleagues and appreciate their proactive approach. In addition, at maxcluster we have the opportunity to configure a great deal of the servers ourselves. This gives us the necessary flexibility when operating complex e-commerce applications.

Tobias Niebergall
nexxo - web agency, Munich

Thanks to maxcluster we have been receiving a highly reactive server architecture for years now, as well as first-class performance and excellent response times from an always helpful support team.

Lukas Hillebrand
Der Magento Experte

Where other providers are often at a loss, the maxcluster team is always there to help. So far, every problem has been solved. The technology stack is also impressive and enables flexible and independent work!

Andreas Golchert
run_as_root GmbH

But the management interface is the best. Here I can simply start services like Solr, NginX or Varnish with a mouse click – without additional costs or installation effort. I have rarely seen such a well thought out hosting that really makes my daily work easier

Rico Neitzel

maxcluster has convinced us with its competent, friendly and above all fast support. When discrepancies arise, they are quickly resolved and communicated transparently. At the same time, the people from Paderborn distinguish themselves through a love of detail with foresight. The performance is first-class.

Béla Yannik Hahne
OMR Reviewsmaxcluster on Google