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The e-commerce agency 7thSENSE has specialized in the creation and implementation of e-commerce solutions for over ten years. Its customers include well-known companies such as Kärcher, WMF and VAUDE.

For these and many other customers, the agency from Reutlingen develops user-friendly and technically sophisticated online stores. The 40 employees focus on “360° in e-commerce”. This concept includes the knowledge of different store systems, B2B/B2C/D2C, screen design, user experience and all related highly complex topics.

7thSENSE offers customers and interested parties a system audit on request, in order to uncover weak points and, if necessary, potential for improvement. The agency uses comprehensive checklists to examine the existing system for code quality, implementation, programming, data storage, data origin, interfaces, but also on-page SEO and usability. After the check, the customer receives results with recommendations for action.

More information about 7thSENSE in our interview and on their homepage.

For us, maxcluster's managed hosting makes all the difference! It is really managed, because there is always someone I can call and ask. And we also appreciate the clearly arranged Managed Center, with the overviews of the individual clusters, the respective performance, etc. It helps a lot to keep track of the individual clusters. It helps a lot to keep track of our managed stores. We also appreciate the reliability and predictability, such as the Central Update Day on the first Tuesday of every month. We always know when something is going to happen, which gives us a good basis for planning. And the fact that the customer's interests are paramount can also be seen in things like the replacement of hardware in the middle of the night, so that the customer's store is affected as little as possible.

Blasius Damaschek
Managing Director 7thSENSE

    Doors on offer

    In the online store of DEINE TÜR, customers can access the largest range of doors in the German-speaking world.In addition to countless configuration options for exterior and interior doors, DEINE TÜR also offers an extensive range of accessories and, beyond that, brand-name floor coverings and tiles. From the Leipzig location, the employees take care of the trading platform and the worldwide shipping of the products.

    The requirements DEINE TÜR had for managed hosting were not supported by the company's previous hoster. In addition, the page loading time was not satisfactory in some cases. To achieve the desired hosting level, DEINE TÜR would have had to hire a full-time admin.

    Due to existing experience with maxcluster, the company's management decided to have its online store hosted by maxcluster.

    “The hosting here is reliable and everything simply works. We have competent contacts at our side at all times, so we can concentrate on our core business”, Tobias Hille, Head of Backend at DEINE TÜR, explains the switch.

    “And in the - rarely occurring - case of emergency, the fast response time and the (proactive) tips on possible improvements are convincing”, adds Tino Mewes, Head of Frontend at DEINE TÜR.


    maxcluster offers fully customizable hosting combined with the comfort of managed hosting. The competent contact persons at every support level always keep an eye on the big picture and proactively give advice on improvement possibilities.

    Tobias Hille, Head of Backend at DEINE TÜR

    We can approach support at any time with requirements from a developer's point of view and are always well met. And if there is no contact person available on our side, the support acts independently and in our interest and finds the best solution.

    Tino Mewes, Head of Frontend at DEINE TÜR
  • Garten & Freizeit

    Website is the leading German specialist retailer for high-quality garden and leisure furniture. The portfolio of the online store currently includes more than 15,000 different products from tables, chairs or benches to lounge furniture, sunbeds and pavilions.

    In addition to detailed information on the individual articles, also offers various general information and advice services. The company was founded in 2005 by the current managing director Jürgen Schuster. In addition to its Internet presence, there is a large sales exhibition at the company headquarters in Genderkingen, Swabia. s premium partner of considerable mark manufacturers such as Kettler, Star or Weber.


    Our business and therefore the number of our store users is - depending on season and weather - very fluctuating. We are happy to have found a hosting partner in maxcluster that allows very transparent monitoring and easy scaling of resources. The communication is very pleasant, fast and solution-oriented. In addition, we definitely wanted to go to a hoster who knows Magento, so that our developers also have competent contacts here.

    Martin Wenger, authorized signatory


    Over 1,000 projects in over 20 years


    of experience

    Over 1,000 projects

    in classic and digital marketing

    The Grand Digital agency combines years of experience in classic and digital marketing with sound methodologies, an agile approach and professional project management.

    The Munich-based agency is particularly at home in the world of digital marketing and supports clients such as my notebook and Weingut Schloss Johannisberg in the core disciplines of design, implementation as well as further development and performance optimization. On the one hand, the customers appreciate the high process excellence, performance and project security, and on the other hand, the technological, strategic and, above all, creative solution approaches of the agency.

    Many of the Magento 2 and Wordpress online stores they have developed are now hosted by maxcluster. “All systems running with you are simply faster and less vulnerable. Scaling the systems is straightforward and very speedy, and their monitoring is extremely clear”, says Grand Digital CEO Daniel Erke.

    He particularly appreciates the service, the fast response times and the competent, solution-oriented support, even for complex questions such as speed optimization or compatibility: “If a customer has a problem, it is analyzed and solved - and in record time and beyond normal hours. This 24/7 support, as well as the personal messages in case of incidents or scaling needs, simply give us a good feeling.


    All of the systems that you run are simply faster and less vulnerable. Scaling the systems is straightforward and very expeditious, and their monitoring is extremely clear.

    If one of our customers has a problem, it is analyzed and solved by maxcluster support - in record time and beyond normal hours. This 24/7 support, as well as the personal notifications in case of incidents or scaling needs, simply gives us a good feeling.

  • Kartenmacherei


    The kartenmacherei GmbH has two locations in Seefeld/Munich and Hamburg. It was founded in 2010 and has since become one of the leading providers of personalized cards throughout Europe with over 40 employees. The assortment of this online store includes cards for births and weddings, for birthdays, celebrations and personal items, as well as extras such as envelopes, address labels and inserts.


    Since the foundation of kartenmacherei in 2010, we have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of personalizable greeting cards in Europe. As a young and dedicated team, it is of great importance for us to have a competent and fexible hosting partner with a focus on Magento at our side, who also works with the latest technologies. The cooperation with maxcluster is so uncomplicated, especially because it is not a dusty corporation, but a dynamic team with a lot of motivation and profound expertise.

    Steffen Behn, Head of Technical Development


    meineLinse GmbH is one of the leading lens and vision aid mail order companies in Germany. With over ten years of experience and an extensive product range, this company has already won over 100,000 customers.


    We have been operating several fail-safe clusters since the end of 2010. This technology offers us a stability and reliability that a normal server cannot provide. In addition, the high performance of this solution has convinced us.

    Andreas Korsus, Founder


    At RADBAG you can find funny gifts for Christmas, romantic gifts for Valentine's Day or for weddings, wacky birthday gifts as well as cult and funny gift ideas for many other occasions. Whether cool gift ideas for men, women or children - here "everyone finds something. The RADBAG team is constantly searching the world for smart and quirky lifestyle accessories for the home, for the office, for outdoor activities - and of course for technical gadgets for geeks who don't want to grow up.


    RADBAG sells crazy gadgets and gifts in five European markets. In 2013, we faced a major challenge in that our Magento Enterprise installation needed to process several hundred thousand unique visitors and 3,000 orders per day at peak - and without sacrificing performance. We needed a hosting provider that could proactively identify performance issues with us and work with our developers to resolve them. The flexible web cluster solution, the fast support for our developers and the extensive Varnish know-how finally convinced us that we are in the right hands with maxcluster.

    Philipp Schindler, Managing Director
  • 8MYLEZ


    The e-commerce specialists at 8MYLEZ implement sophisticated projects based on Shopware, helping their customers to achieve sustainable success. The company's philosophy is that every store owner deserves first-class service and excellent code for their Shopware store. The goal is high-performance online stores with unique designs, which the customer receives from a single source at 8MYLEZ - quickly, reliably and transparently.

    As an agency specializing in Shopware, it was important for 8MYLEZ to have a competent contact for everything not related to the store system. When choosing a hoster, the agency therefore particularly appreciated maxcluster's focus on e-commerce and its own e-commerce stack as the basis for performance optimization of online stores.

    “Due to the specialization on e-commerce and the experience with Shopware, maxcluster supports us very strongly in error analysis from a hoster's point of view. This not only saves us time, money & nerves, but also gives us the opportunity to present a result to the customer faster”, says the agency.

    Service and support were important reasons for switching to maxcluster: “Communication was not as easy and smooth in the past as it is currently. Sometimes, for example, an answered ticket did not go to us but to the customer, which again cost time. The response times for ticket answers are very short at maxcluster and even if you ever need telephone support on the weekend or at night in an emergency, a qualified technician can always be reached.”

    For 8MYLEZ however, it is the combination of the areas of performance, technical know-how and service & support that are important for a good hoster.


    Our Shopware specialists develop very sophisticated online stores, with complex requirements for design, function and performance. That's why it's especially important for us to have a reliable hosting partner for an excellent foundation. With maxcluster we have found exactly this partner and can also rely on an excellent service towards our customers.

    Marc Baur, CEO 8MYLEZ
  • mitho®


    The mitho® agency in Berlin is fully committed to e-commerce and supports its customers with cross-media core competencies.

    The creation and realization of innovative ideas in the field of e-commerce and mobile web development are just as much a focus as the holistic implementation of complete shop solutions. The Berlin agency also offers custom-made products for interfaces between merchandise management and e-commerce applications.

    Due to the focus on e-commerce, mitho® needed a hoster who not only has many years of experience in this area, but who is also willing to think along with and rethink the problem in order to find the best possible solution.

    "For us, one of the biggest advantages of working with maxcluster is that we can save a lot of time because we can draw on the experience of the employees", says Béla Yannik Hahne, project manager at mitho®.

    Having a contact person around the clock is essential for a functioning day-to-day agency life: “When other providers had problems with the server or configurations had to be changed, support was often not available or was difficult to reach. In addition, our wishes or problems were often not understood. This is not acceptable for time-critical implementations - and they are standard in an agency."

    For the agency, the overall package of services was therefore decisive for switching to maxcluster: "We appreciate the friendly and dedicated communication and that in maxcluster we have a hosting partner who has everything in view and under control and whom we blindly blind to our customers can recommend. Everything is really right here.”


    maxcluster convinced us with its competent, friendly and, above all, fast support. If discrepancies arise, they are resolved quickly and communicated transparently. The Paderborn based company is characterized by a love of detail with a vision. The performance is top notch.

    Béla Yannik Hahne, Projekt Manager mitho®
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    “maxcluster is our reliable and always available hoster with similar years of Magento experience. Together, they create customized, high-performance hosting setups.”
    Andreas Mautz – CTO
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    “Our Shopware specialists develop very sophisticated online stores, with complex requirements for design, function and performance. That's why it's especially important for us to have a reliable hosting partner for an excellent foundation. With maxcluster we have found exactly this partner and can also rely on an excellent service towards our customers.”
    Marc Baur – CEO
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    “The support of maxcluster has been helping us with words and deeds for years, so that we can rely on problems being identified and solved immediately in our daily operations.”
    Tobias Hille
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    “maxcluster has convinced us with its competent, friendly and above all fast support. When discrepancies arise, they are quickly resolved and communicated transparently. At the same time, the people from Paderborn distinguish themselves through a love of detail with foresight. The performance is first-class.”
    Béla Yannik Hahne – Projektmanager
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    “The stores run smoothly, performance has increased. In case of questions or problems, the maxcluster people are always available, competent and so nice! You can also get to know them personally at various events ... more is not possible! :) Thank you!”
    Manuela Vogt
    BTS Business Trading Shops GmbH
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E-commerce in focus ‒ 7thSENSE
E-commerce in focus ‒ 7thSENSE

The e-commerce agency 7thSENSE has specialised in the creation and implementation of e-commerce solutions for over ten years. Its clients include well-known companies such as Kärcher, WMF and VAUDE.

Set up a Magento shop with PWA Studio
Set up a Magento shop with PWA Studio

The e-commerce agency Mothership has launched its first Magento2 PWA shop, which we host. In the interview, you can find out what experiences the Mothership team has had with Magento's "PWA Studio", what pitfalls there were and how well the shop is performing now.

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PWA shop with Vue Storefront at GastroHero

In April 2020, we conducted the first interview with Nils Preuß. At the time of the interview, GastroHero's PWA store was already live, except for a few storeviews. Since October 2020, the live walk has now been completed - time for us to ask again if there are any new insights and experiences.