Managed NGINX Hosting

Low load times, fail-safety and scalability for high-performance NGINX hosting.

With its freely definable configuration, our Managed NGINX Hosting offers maximum flexibility to professional developers. In addition, our team of certified NGINX administrators will be happy to assist you with setup and configuration.

Designed for maximum flexibility

NGINX is used internationally by many IT companies in high-performance hosting. The powerful worker process concept enables very stable operation even during peak loads.

check Switch between Apache 2.4 and NGINX at any time
check Automatic configuration of normal Magento, Shopware and WordPress installations
check Configuration management via our Managed Center
check Monitoring and automatic service deactivation
check Individual configuration possible at any time
check Certified NGINX administrators

NGINX Hosting from Germany


NGINX Hosting expands the configuration possibilities of a web server enormously. That is why it is used by many professional developers.

Qualified administrators from Germany support you in the implementation of your NGINX Hosting solution and in the subsequent operation.


Certified NGINX Administrators

Our administrators are NGINX certified. Their qualification as well as experience from countless successfully implemented NGINX hosting solutions guarantee you stable operation - and when it comes down to it, professional problem analysis and fast troubleshooting.

NGINX Hosting Technology

check NVMe SSD hard drives and internal 10 GBit network for short loading times.
check Perfectly combinable with PHP 7 for the use of modern PHP frameworks.
check Automatic configuration for normal Magento, Shopware and WordPress installations.
check Individual configuration provides fast deployment of static web and catalog pages.
check Verification of individual configuration for each domain enables mapping of complex solutions.
check Monitoring and automatic service degradation provide highest stability in continuous operation.

Web Cluster Technology

check Automatic failure protection enables 99.99% availability of network and hardware.
check Dynamic scaling offers the possibility to cope with a large rush of visitors at short notice.
check External firewall and daily backups secure your customer data and provide maximum data security and privacy.
check Easily and quickly manage, monitor and configure server services.
check Maximize performance through optimized virtualization and software configuration.
check Cost savings through flexible and demand-based billing.