Hardware for the highest demands

We exclusively use 1:1 redundant Enterprise Supermicro server hardware

How do our Web Clusters work?

Double redundant NVMe SSD Storage

We provide you with distributed NVMe SSD storage that offers high performance in addition to failover and scalability. All data is redundantly stored on multiple servers entirely on NVMe SSD. In addition, read accesses are further optimized by a local cache. Storage can be mounted or expanded at any time within a few seconds. It is also possible to create a snapshot of a storage at any time. Furthermore, all storage partitions are backed up on a daily basis.

Quality from experts

Supermicro supplies high-quality components that are ideally suited to our infrastructure. This special selection of first-class hardware designed for continuous operation results in higher stability and less maintenance. We continuously manage and replace hardware that is always kept up to date.

Redundant power supplies

We use redundant power supplies exclusively. Each server receives its power through two independent lines. This safety measure prevents power failures caused by defective power supplies or short circuits. In addition, defective power supply units can be easily replaced without causing any interruptions.