Managed Hosting

High Performance Hosting Solutions from the E-Commerce Specialist

Managed Services

With direct access to our qualified administrators, any faults that occur can be eliminated and necessary server configurations implemented at short notice.

  • Fast response by phone, ticket and chat
  • Simple administration via the Managed Center
  • Monitoring of services, server resource and online store availability.
  • Proactive monitoring through data analysis
  • Performance and scaling analysis
  • Magento hosting and Shopware hosting experts
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Web Cluster

Best practice hosting for fail-safe and scalable operation of online stores and web applications.

  • Optimized E-Commerce Stack
  • Dynamic scaling of resources
  • Double redundant 10 GBit NVMe SSD storage
  • Automatic failover
  • Realistic 99.99% high availability
  • Redundant hardware components without single point of failure
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Managed Services

Our managed services are tailored to e-commerce hosting. We guarantee you a well thought-out concept, which has proven itself with over 500 larger online stores. Experienced Linux administrators ensure stable and high-performance operation of your online store. Our monitoring and processes are designed for short response times.

We are available for you around the clock, seven days a week, every day of the year.

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Preconfigured solutions

From the server to the firewall to the storage, the infrastructure is completely and individually preconfigured with optimal settings for Magento, Shopware, WordPress or TYPO3. After provisioning, your cluster can be set up within minutes.

10 GBIT NVMe SSD Storage with RAM Cache

The redundant 10 GBit NVMe SSD storage has a local cache, which extremely accelerates all read operations. This enables a much higher performance compared to other providers. The storage can be directly integrated without configuration.

Enterprise hardware

To ensure optimal performance and stability at all times, we only use proven, high-quality server hardware. This shortens maintenance times and additionally increases stability.

Managed Hosting

We can guarantee response times of 15 minutes to quickly ensure stable operation even in an emergency. We also offer demand-oriented services for individual requirements.

Monthly contract periods

We enable maximum flexibility through monthly contract terms and short notice periods. No additional costs are incurred during setup.

Backup and firewall

The preconfigured system environment enables optimal data security. Your applications and data are located on an isolated server and are thus protected from third-party attacks.

Easy management

Within seconds, servers, services and storage can be managed via our Managed Center. This allows your developers to manage the cluster completely independently.

Advanced monitoring

Services, servers and storage are monitored continuously and in detail. The monitoring can be viewed by you at any time

Transparent billing

The costs for the infrastructure are recorded directly and can be checked in the Managed Center.

Our roadmap

E-commerce hosting is constantly evolving - and so are we.

With regular new features, improvements and security updates, our web clusters run at peak performance and maximum stability at all times.

Update day

Our monthly update day is coming up. On this day, scheduled updates for the operating system and the software used are applied. An overview of the scheduled software updates can be viewed for each cluster in the Application Center.

Varnish 7.3

Varnish is available in version 7.3 in the Application Center for customers running Ubuntu 20.04 and newer. For more information regarding Varnish, feel free to read our blog post.

Reload feature for Apache and NGINX

With our new reload function, you can reload Apache and NGINX quickly and easily. You can do this with one click via a button in the Managed Center.

New package updates view

In the "package updates" view within the Managed Center, you will now find all software package updates along with their complete version information.

Pimcore hosting

For highest reliability and performance, we now offer you an optimized server environment for Pimcore applications.

Information about our Pimcore hosting can be found on our website. We have summarized FAQ around the topic in our knowledge base.