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Your partner for e-commerce hosting

Hosting is a matter of trust, which is why we value long-term cooperation with partners at eye level.

We work closely with our partners and have a large network of e-commerce agencies that focus on Magento and Shopware solutions. In addition, we maintain a proactive role in the communities and are in close exchange with the operators of online stores.

Through this collaboration, we gain a comprehensive understanding of what the best practices are for building and managing a profitable, high-performing online store. Our e-commerce stack is based on these insights and supports agencies to develop with high quality standards and to ensure the stable and performant operation of an online store.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience from more than ten years of e-commerce hosting with our partners to make them even more successful.

Our soal

Our goal

We want to empower agencies, developers and online shop operators to become even more successful. How? By making complex technologies easy to use.

You can also benefit from our many years of experience in e-commerce hosting and additionally increase the high quality of your work by using our best practices. Together with you, we would like to bring your ambitious projects forward and develop new solutions in dialog.

Your advantages

Personal partner manager

Personal partner manager

We want to make your hosting sales as easy as possible. Therefore, your personal partner manager will not only support you in sales, but will also be your contact person to coordinate individual requests. Of course, you can also exchange experiences with the partner manager at any time to benefit from best practices.

Recurring commission

Recurring commission

We value our cooperation. As a partner, you will therefore receive a monthly partner commission from maxcluster - starting with the first managed customer. The commission is calculated as a percentage of the monthly revenue. In addition, as a partner you receive a free test environment.

Save time with e-commerce stack

Save time with e-commerce stack

We know that time is particularly precious in e-commerce. With our Managed Center and our E-Commerce Stack, we give your developers easy access to complex technologies. With our experience and best practices from over 1,000 Magento and Shopware online stores, your developers save a lot of time and arrive at a solution faster.

Sparring partner for your developers

Sparring partner for your developers

Our service with over 15 Linux administrators ensures the satisfaction of your customers at maxcluster. Of course, you could search the Internet for solutions to problems, but our team can often give you faster and more comprehensive answers to your hosting questions. Just give us a call and we will find a solution together.

Everything at a glance

As a partner manager, you always want to be up to date about your customers and your commission development. Our partner portal is conveniently accessible via the Application Center and provides you with relevant information at a glance:

checkCommission development and current payouts at a glance
checkListing of your customers according to their current status
checkSales and marketing material for the acquisition of new customers

What our partners say



    Over 1,000 projects in over 20 years


    of experience

    Over 1,000 projects

    in classic and digital marketing

    The Grand Digital agency combines years of experience in classic and digital marketing with sound methodologies, an agile approach and professional project management.

    The Munich-based agency is particularly at home in the world of digital marketing and supports clients such as my notebook and Weingut Schloss Johannisberg in the core disciplines of design, implementation as well as further development and performance optimization. On the one hand, the customers appreciate the high process excellence, performance and project security, and on the other hand, the technological, strategic and, above all, creative solution approaches of the agency.

    Many of the Magento 2 and Wordpress online stores they have developed are now hosted by maxcluster. “All systems running with you are simply faster and less vulnerable. Scaling the systems is straightforward and very speedy, and their monitoring is extremely clear”, says Grand Digital CEO Daniel Erke.

    He particularly appreciates the service, the fast response times and the competent, solution-oriented support, even for complex questions such as speed optimization or compatibility: “If a customer has a problem, it is analyzed and solved - and in record time and beyond normal hours. This 24/7 support, as well as the personal messages in case of incidents or scaling needs, simply give us a good feeling.

    All of the systems that you run are simply faster and less vulnerable. Scaling the systems is straightforward and very expeditious, and their monitoring is extremely clear.

    If one of our customers has a problem, it is analyzed and solved by maxcluster support - in record time and beyond normal hours. This 24/7 support, as well as the personal notifications in case of incidents or scaling needs, simply gives us a good feeling.

  • 8MYLEZ


    The e-commerce specialists at 8MYLEZ implement sophisticated projects based on Shopware, helping their customers to achieve sustainable success. The company's philosophy is that every store owner deserves first-class service and excellent code for their Shopware store. The goal is high-performance online stores with unique designs, which the customer receives from a single source at 8MYLEZ - quickly, reliably and transparently.

    As an agency specializing in Shopware, it was important for 8MYLEZ to have a competent contact for everything not related to the store system. When choosing a hoster, the agency therefore particularly appreciated maxcluster's focus on e-commerce and its own e-commerce stack as the basis for performance optimization of online stores.

    “Due to the specialization on e-commerce and the experience with Shopware, maxcluster supports us very strongly in error analysis from a hoster's point of view. This not only saves us time, money & nerves, but also gives us the opportunity to present a result to the customer faster”, says the agency.

    Service and support were important reasons for switching to maxcluster: “Communication was not as easy and smooth in the past as it is currently. Sometimes, for example, an answered ticket did not go to us but to the customer, which again cost time. The response times for ticket answers are very short at maxcluster and even if you ever need telephone support on the weekend or at night in an emergency, a qualified technician can always be reached.”

    For 8MYLEZ however, it is the combination of the areas of performance, technical know-how and service & support that are important for a good hoster.

    Our Shopware specialists develop very sophisticated online stores, with complex requirements for design, function and performance. That's why it's especially important for us to have a reliable hosting partner for an excellent foundation. With maxcluster we have found exactly this partner and can also rely on an excellent service towards our customers.

    Marc Baur, CEO 8MYLEZ
  • mitho®


    The mitho® agency in Berlin is fully committed to e-commerce and supports its customers with cross-media core competencies.

    The creation and realization of innovative ideas in the field of e-commerce and mobile web development are just as much a focus as the holistic implementation of complete shop solutions. The Berlin agency also offers custom-made products for interfaces between merchandise management and e-commerce applications.

    Due to the focus on e-commerce, mitho® needed a hoster who not only has many years of experience in this area, but who is also willing to think along with and rethink the problem in order to find the best possible solution.

    "For us, one of the biggest advantages of working with maxcluster is that we can save a lot of time because we can draw on the experience of the employees", says Béla Yannik Hahne, project manager at mitho®.

    Having a contact person around the clock is essential for a functioning day-to-day agency life: “When other providers had problems with the server or configurations had to be changed, support was often not available or was difficult to reach. In addition, our wishes or problems were often not understood. This is not acceptable for time-critical implementations - and they are standard in an agency."

    For the agency, the overall package of services was therefore decisive for switching to maxcluster: "We appreciate the friendly and dedicated communication and that in maxcluster we have a hosting partner who has everything in view and under control and whom we blindly blind to our customers can recommend. Everything is really right here.”

    maxcluster convinced us with its competent, friendly and, above all, fast support. If discrepancies arise, they are resolved quickly and communicated transparently. The Paderborn based company is characterized by a love of detail with a vision. The performance is top notch.

    Béla Yannik Hahne, Projekt Manager mitho®
  • e3n GmbH & Co. KG


    For more than ten years, the specialists at e3n have been designing complex e-commerce platforms based on Magento and Symfony. In addition to strategic consulting for e-commerce projects and their programming, e3n's service portfolio includes UX and design conception, requirements management, and the development of specialized services for online stores.

    "We see ourselves as an e-commerce manufactory", says Jonas Niebergall, co-founder and CEO of the Mainz-based agency. Quality and consulting have a high priority for e3n's twelve employees, all experts in the implementation of e-commerce strategies. "We approach projects in an agile manner and with high quality standards. However, we by no means see ourselves as a "project shop", but strive for a long-term partnership with our customers. In day-to-day operations, we are the point of contact for support in the event of malfunctions as well as for questions about the online store platform."

    Partnership and a high level of technical expertise were also decisive for e3n in choosing maxcluster as a hosting company. Jonas Niebergall: "We particularly appreciate the reliability, the proactive action in the event of disruptions, and the customer-centric thinking. The colleagues at maxcluster understand us and our needs, especially the sometimes very demanding applications of our customers."

    e3n is supported by the e-commerce hosting stack, which is tailored to the requirements of online stores, as well as the clear management interface in the Managed Center, which helps administrators keep track of customer projects and allows them to make many configurations themselves.

    We were looking for a hoster with whom we could focus on what we as e3n are good at - developing e-commerce platforms. In maxcluster we found a partner who has in common with us that they always want to get better and stay innovative. The result is not only a very collegial interaction with each other, but above all a high-performance and fail-safe operation for the applications we develop for our customers.

  • Mothership


    E-commerce consulting, Shopware and software development, interface connection and digital transformation are among the core competencies of the Munich-based agency Mothership. With these competencies, they specialize in customized and sustainable solutions for online retail.

    In doing so, the agency provides solution-oriented consulting for the development and optimization of e-commerce activities and offers strategy consulting, setup, development, expansion, application integration and technical integration of Shopware online stores, taking into account the value chain of their clients.

    In its collaboration with its clients, the agency, founded in 2013, relies on agile methods from software development, with the aim of developing high-revenue, stable and visually convincing - in some cases award-winning - online stores that offer users an optimal shopping experience.

    In order for the employees to be able to fully concentrate on the application development, they need competent partners: "We have been working with maxcluster for many years and are still thrilled by the fast, competent and solution-oriented support. The clear dashboard and the stable, performant and tuned infrastructure enables us to quickly set up the required services. We can even control these automatically via the Cluster Control API, which saves us an enormous amount of time and always has the same instances, for example for testing," says Andreas Emer, Managing Director of Mothership GmbH. "With maxcluster, we have a reliable and competent partner that allows us to focus on our core business."

    Since we started working with maxcluster, we've been able to focus on what we do best: implementing powerful e-commerce solutions. The maxcluster team is rightly known for its outstanding support, and it even feels to us like we have our own DevOps team at our disposal. Particularly noteworthy are the extraordinary expertise and customization options, which go far beyond classic managed hosting.

    Don Bosco van Hoi, Managing Partner


    "Don't sell products, sell happiness": Happy customers are the focus for the ONEDOT agency. To achieve this, they build online stores with outstanding usability, the right customer approach and with forward-looking technologies. At three locations - Michelstadt, Leipzig and Sofia in Bulgaria - the employees work on projects that focus on brand and user experience.

    Clients such as Koi-Company, Bernstein Badshop and Skapetze appreciate the agency's holistic approach. This focuses on the creation of sustainable shopping experiences that are continuously optimized on the basis of quantitative and qualitative data.

    For pitches to clients and also analyses, the agency also draws on the expertise of maxcluster's staff. "We had to build up a lot of expertise in hosting in the past, although that is of course not our core competence," recalls Sascha Holfeld, Technical Sales Manager at ONEDOT, "so we were looking for a strong and reliable new partner and found it in maxcluster." The company particularly appreciates the experienced competence, friendliness and helpfulness of the support staff, who also tackle more profound problems together and provide support at short notice.

    For us, the support and helpfulness of the employees on all topics is crucial for the partnership with maxcluster. When things get tough, we need an immediate contact person and we have that here. It is also fun to solve problems together with the team. And technically, the Managed Center and the monitoring are super helpful for our work.

    Luca Lezzi, CEO ONEDOT

As an e-commerce agency, Compositas GmbH relies on the ideal composition: An optimally coordinated team combines sound experience with innovative spirit. This results in modern e-commerce solutions in the Magento environment, based on sustainable software architecture and long-term cooperation.

We also have many years of productive cooperation with maxcluster. In addition to the excellent expertise, we particularly appreciate the direct contact with the support team and the uncomplicated interaction. With maxcluster, solutions specially adapted to the needs of our customers are also no problem.

Stefan Weidemann

Merchants and brands need strong partnerships and continuity in e-commerce to successfully operate online stores.

Over the past years, maxcluster has built up an incredibly competent team and a convincing hosting offer.

When it comes to stable cluster architecture for Magneto or Shopware, maxcluster is our first choice and recommendation - and has been for years.

Funfact: We were certainly not the first customer, but cluster #1 is our sandbox!

Daniel Schmidt

A great, high-performance e-commerce stack with a practical administration interface that leaves nothing to be desired. Particularly worth mentioning are the ShopSecurity and ShopPerformance features, which give you concrete tips for optimization.

In addition, there are consistently sympathetic support staff, with whom you can talk at eye level - here you are really helped competently and in detail. We host - as far as possible - all projects at maxcluster, because it makes our daily developer routine more pleasant :-)

Simon Sprankel

As a Magento manufacture and technical partner, webvisum GmbH from Cologne backs store operators. In order to focus on sustainable solutions in the store, we need reliable partners who complement our expertise. Maxcluster is our reliable and always accessible hoster here, with similarly many years of Magento experience.
Together, they create customer-specific, high-performance hosting setups.

Andreas Mautz

After 10+ years of experience as a web agency and several changes of hosting providers, we moved to maxcluster with our customer projects, such as online stores, web applications and cloud software solutions.
Thanks to maxcluster, we have been getting highly responsive server architecture, as well as first-class performance and excellent response times for years now from an always helpful support team.

Lukas Hillebrand

basecom is your software service provider for complex e-commerce and open source software projects. With maxcluster we have found a perfect partner for hosting our Partner applications. The support we receive is unique, fast and always goal-oriented.

Torben Höhn

As the manufacturer of the B2B e-commerce solution ProLine, we have special requirements for the automation and scaling options as well as the support of our applications.
With maxcluster, we have found a reliable partner that meets these requirements and provides us with professional technical support at all times. It is great to be able to fully concentrate on the implementation of our webshop projects thanks to maxcluster.

Sebastian Ehrling

Wamoco GmbH is specialized in Magento solutions. With our years of experience in e-commerce, we offer our customers holistic, long-lasting and individually tailored services. To meet our quality standards and offer our customers the best possible service, we rely on a competent, collegial and reliable partner for the hoster: maxcluster.

We have been relying on maxcluster for years and appreciate the fast, cooperative and transparent way of working. Together we increase the performance for our customers and benefit from the expertise of the Magento team on site, which speaks our language, when implementing complex customer requests.

Thomas von Gostomski

100% eCommerce. 100% Shopware. We at Proxation have been working closely with maxcluster as a Shopware agency for many years and are thrilled with their professional and solution-oriented service. We especially appreciate the fast and effective support provided around the clock. Thanks to maxcluster's high-performance hosting, we can offer our customers a smooth and fast shopping experience on our Shopware sites.
In summary, we are proud to have maxcluster as a reliable and competent partner at our side to help us achieve our business goals and satisfy our customers.

Michael Holste
  • ahorn. gmbh
  • lindbaum GmbH
  • Nahketing
  • Online Birds
  • PixelMechanics
  • web fabric gmbh
  • WEBversiert
  • Inventivo
  • run_as_root
  • Compositas GmbH
  • JB Support GmbH
  • Tudock
  • addictive ONE
  • Middendorf
  • David Reuchlein
  • Medienpalast Allgäu GmbH
  • Mediagraphik GmbH
  • Apite GmbH
  • Splendid Internet GmbH
  • B2Bsellers GmbH
  • insign GmbH
  • webvisum GmbH
  • Hob by Horse GmbH
  • idowapro
  • absoluteDYNAMICS
  • SinkaCom AG
  • OnDireX UG
  • cobby GmbH & Co. KG
  • COM.Create GmbH
  • FARN Design GbR
  • Allers Technology S.L.

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