Google Core Updates

Changes to the Google algorithm, so-called core updates, can have positive and negative effects on the findability of online stores via the search engine. In this article we show what to consider in order to be well prepared.

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Content Delivery Networks in the e-commerce

The larger the online shop, the larger the number of integrated text and image files. This can have a negative impact on the shop's performance. The use of a content delivery network may offer a solution.

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Specific characteristics of E-Commerce Hosting

Hosting is one of the basic technologies of the internet and now has an incredible number of facets. In this article we give a basic overview of web hosting and take a closer look at the special features of e-commerce hosting.

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maxcluster 2020 - a review

2020 - what a year. The last few months have held special challenges in store for everyone. Managing directors Sebastian Ringel and Alexander Wilhelm report on what these were for maxcluster in an interview.

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Free SSL certificates - the better alternative?

Since September 2019, the presentation of secure (encrypted) websites on most end devices has changed fundamentally. Are there still arguments in favor of expensive and elaborate Extended Validation (EV) certificates?

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Security for online shops ‒ The new ShopSecurity

The security of their online shops should be a high priority for operators, in addition to customer orientation and usability. We have the vision to support our customers in this and to offer them the best performing and most secure eCommerce hosting in Germany.

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Voxility - securely protected against DDos attacks

DDoS attacks have increased in frequency and bandwidth volume. Even the coding platform GitHub was attacked and hit by the strongest DDoS attack ever measured. We protect our customers from DDoS attacks at the network level and use Voxility's service for this. We have summarised important information about this protection in the article.