E-commerce Hosting: New Features in the Application Center for the Digital Power


In the fast-paced world of E-commerce, efficient hosting and cost-effectiveness are the VIP passes to the success of any online business.

At the beginning of the new year, an upgrade of the highest class is in store – our Application Center has received a facelift that is not only stylish but also propels the cluster management for our customers to a new level.

New Features in the Application Center for Digital Power

Introducing our new Application Center with fresh features and a stylish design upgrade! What do you need to do? Super easy! Simply log in to the Application Center as usual and seamlessly switch between the old and new versions. Benefit immediately from the cool advantages and be pleasantly surprised with a broad smile!

New features and possibilities for you:

  • Now you can easily switch between clusters as if you had your own cluster wings.
  • Mark navigation elements that make your life easier as favorites – like a digital thumbs-up for the most important features.
  • Use the new filter options so you don't get lost in the data jungle.
  • And as the icing on the cake: Experience increased speed thanks to Vue.js – because waiting is so out!

And if you ever feel nostalgic and miss the old design, you can bring it back to life with a click. In the old version, switch through the dropdown menu of your username, in the new version, the button next to the language selection is your ticket to the past. Unfortunately, the old design does not have the new, cool features. Find out more about them and why you'll love the upgrade in this blog post!

Application design relaunch

Why a design relaunch? Didn't we already have the ultimate? Yes, that's right, it was fantastic! But our goal is not just to be fantastic, but to create the ultimate hosting experience for you. With our new user interface in the Application Center, we offer not only more clarity but also improved user-friendliness. In addition to the visual facelift, new features such as favorites and advanced filter options await you. The speed has also been catapulted to warp speed through the integration of the modern JavaScript framework Vue.js.

How we make your life easier

In redesigning our platform, we had various main goals in mind that significantly contribute to improving your user experience. One of the most significant changes was the integration of the new technology Vue.js. Incorporating Vue.js felt like using superpowers – supported by our expert Dominic Kämpfer, who knows how to write magical lines of code. Using Vue.js brings numerous benefits, such as simplified programming and significant time savings.

Customer feedback also played a crucial role in our success. Our User Experience expert Jens Brandt worked intensively with you to find out what our customers and partners need. The entire feedback process is coordinated by us to ensure that each piece of feedback doesn't disappear into the digital void but finds a solid place in our ongoing development.

Additionally, we wanted to give the platform a new, contemporary look and harmoniously align it with our Corporate Identity. This visual modernization should not only be aesthetically appealing but also reflect the values and quality our company stands for.

New features and optimizations

An outstanding innovation is the introduction of the favorites feature. With this option, you can now directly mark and save menu items that are particularly relevant and important to you with a star for later use. This not only enhances your workflow efficiency but also adds a touch of relaxation and enjoyment to your digital life.

In addition, cluster switching has been introduced to optimize the selection between different clusters. Customers now have the option to view and switch between all their clusters without leaving the application. This feature promotes seamless and smooth navigation between different workspaces, especially beneficial for users with various projects or tasks.

The visual hierarchy has been optimized – important information is now highlighted so that it immediately catches your eye. The menu has been tidied up and streamlined, so you don't have to navigate through digital irrelevance. The result? A clear, intuitive user interface that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also gives you the feeling of being at home.

And what about the latest design trends or technologies? Did you also jump on that bandwagon? Absolutely! By implementing a Flat Design, we have not only embraced the latest trend but also a clear, minimalist aesthetic that goes beyond mere chic. And then, we brought Vue.js into play – this advanced technology not only provides a contemporary and responsive user experience but also significantly facilitates the platform's development and maintenance.

The implementation of Vue.js allows us to respond faster to user requirements, making debugging easier and faster in case of errors or when integrating new features. The combination of Flat Design and Vue.js reflects our commitment to innovation and a contemporary user experience. These decisions ensure that our platform not only meets current standards but is also future-proof, continuously meeting the evolving expectations of our users.

Improved performance and responsiveness

Now, let's get technical: All data packets are constantly optimized and bundled more effectively to only retain the data needed at any given time. Additionally, these chunks are stored in a cache. Furthermore, some information is progressively stored in what is known as the Pinia Store, allowing data to be displayed immediately upon entering a page while updating and syncing in the background. Adding to this is the 2-Way Data Binding, which helps us update data within the DOM in real-time without having to search for and adjust the corresponding resource.

Another performance factor is the ability to build asynchronous imports and even provide them with Lazy Loading, making pages like the invoice detail page - especially for larger invoices - load significantly faster.


We hope that with the time and effort we invested in redesigning our Application Center, we provide a real highlight for 2024 and come a step closer to our goal of becoming Germany's best host. To infinity and beyond – as Buzz Lightyear once said.

Published on 18.01.2024 | Application Center Relaunch | DW

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