FAQ on the maxcluster and team.blue cooperation

Here you can find all information about the cooperation of maxcluster with team.blue.

maxcluster becomes part of team.blue. 🎉

This strategic partnership will allow us to take our growth to a new level and drive our vision of innovation and success. team.blue brings extensive industry expertise, resources and a strong network to help us achieve our goals.

We have summarised exactly what this means for you in the following FAQ:

How will the integration into team.blue affect existing contracts and service agreements? Are there any changes or do all existing agreements remain unchanged?

Our entry into the team.blue group has no impact on your existing contracts and service agreements. All previous agreements remain unchanged and continue to be valid.

What is team.blue's position on customer service and support? Will the contact persons or support change?

team.blue places great importance on excellent customer service and customer support. Our priority is to continue to provide quality assistance and professional support to our customers. You can still count on the same contacts in our customer support team.

Are there any new plans or strategies that maxcluster would like to implement at team.blue? How might these changes affect my website or online shop?

As maxcluster, we - together with team.blue - have a clear vision and strategic plans to further improve our hosting services. These improvements aim to offer you as a customer even better services and technologies.

What impact will the acquisition have on the security of my data and the company's data protection policies? Will the security measures change or improve?

The security of your data and the protection of your privacy remain our top priority. We will continue to maintain strict security measures and privacy policies. As part of the merger, we will regularly review and improve our security infrastructure and protocols to provide maximum protection for your data.

What is team.blue's position on technological progress and the further development of the hosting platform? Are investments in new technologies planned?

team.blue understands the importance of technical advances and innovation in the e-commerce sector. We will continue to invest in the development of our hosting platform to provide you with the best possible features and performance. You can look forward to future improvements and upgrades.

Are there any changes to pricing and rates? Will my hosting fees increase as a result of the acquisition?

There are currently no plans to make any changes to pricing or rates. We will continue to offer competitive pricing and will notify you of any changes in a timely manner should they become necessary.

How will the company ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the hosting services? What plans are there to continue business operations smoothly?

maxcluster always has the long-term stability and reliability of our hosting services in mind. We have strategies and resources to continue business operations seamlessly and guarantee you continuous availability of your website or online shop.

What experience and expertise does team.blue bring to the e-commerce sector? How will this affect the company's positioning in the industry?

team.blue has extensive experience and expertise in the e-commerce sector. It has already successfully invested in various companies in the sector and has a strong network of professionals and advisors. This experience and expertise will be used to strengthen our company and improve our position in the industry.

Are there any changes in the company's leadership or management? What does the new management team look like?

In the course of the takeover, there is a change in the company management. The previous managing partner Alexander Wilhelm will leave the management and continue to support maxcluster as an independent consultant. Sebastian Ringel and Benno Lippert will remain in the company's management. There will be no changes to the extended management team.
We will ensure that all changes run smoothly and that we continue to have a competent and committed management team that guarantees the best service for our customers.

How will maxcluster deal with customer feedback and concerns in the future? Is there a mechanism for giving feedback and submitting suggestions for improvement?

We take customer feedback and concerns very seriously. We will continue to provide an open communication channel for customer questions, feedback and concerns. Your feedback is important to us in order to continuously improve. We encourage you to contact us at any time at feedback@maxcluster.de with your concerns.

Will the location of the data centre change?

No. There are no plans to change our data centre location.

Does a new GCU (order processing agreement) have to be concluded?

No, everything remains the same. maxcluster GmbH is still your processor and therefore your contractual partner. The GCU concluded with us is still valid. team.blue has no access to the data that we process on your behalf.

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to help you by e-mail support@maxcluster.de or by phone 05251-414130.


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