Fast, faster, Hyvä Themes

Fresh Frontend power for Magento 2

Hyvä Themes brings a breath of fresh air and maximum performance to the Magento 2 frontend. We show how the solution is built and what advantages it offers.

Maximum performance for Magento 2

Hyvä Themes is based on modern JS and CSS frameworks and ensures lightning-fast loading times on desktop and mobile devices. The Luma theme included by default in Magento 2 has not been meeting performance requirements for some time. With Hyvä Themes, there is now a lean alternative that, under the right conditions, also competes with a headless setup.

In this white paper, we give an overview of the structure and functionality of Hyvä Themes. We show how the solution differs from its spiritual predecessor Luma and what this means for shop operators. We also take a look at the compatibility with existing Magento functions and explain what needs to be taken into account during set-up.

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