Efficient profiling tools

Improve performance – identify bottlenecks

When online shop load times are very high for no apparent reason, profiling tools can help in locating bottlenecks.

Identifying bottlenecks with PHP profiling

If the performance of the online shop suddenly drops for no apparent reason, fast action is required! A PHP profiler such as Tideways, Blackfire or New Relic APM provides support here by quickly locating bottlenecks within the application. Tideways, Blackfire and New Relic APM are particularly suitable for the performance analysis and optimisation of online shops.

In this e-book, we present the three profiling tools in detail and take a closer look at their analysis functions for monitoring, alerting and profiling. We also compare the tools in terms of their range of functions, their usability and the costs incurred. Based on the comparison, we show where the respective focal points of the tools lie.

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